When? 27th of May 2017
Where? In Kyiv!
Am I invited? Seems so!

« But how will I come? Where will I sleep? What will I eat? Is it dangerous? Do I need to speak українською? Can I bring someone? What to see in Kyiv? Do you have a wedding list? Are all the Ukrainian girls really that pretty? Is the food radioactive? Do we say Kyiv of Kiev? »

To all these questions you'll find the answers below!



If you want to discover Kyiv, the way we planned our celebrations will give you some opportunities to see the wonders of the city.

May 25 (evening) Bachelor & Bachelorette parties (possibilities to pick you up directly from the airport)
May 26 (afternoon) Day to discover Kyiv. 
May 27 the Big Day! The party will take place in VDNH.
May 28 Religious wedding (morning). Then... Discovering Kyiv and Ukraine. To be defined.

How to come to Kyiv?

By plane. Daily direct flights from GVA / ZRH and most European capitals with FlyUIA. Arrival in Kyiv Boryspil airport (KBP). From Budapest, London or Hamburg it's worth checking WizzAir flights. They land in Zhuliany airport (IEV).

You can compare prices using Kayak or Skyscanner

Once you know when you'll arrive, tell us. We can organize the taxi to pick you up.


WEDDING LIST, where are you?

We have gathered some ideas here. 😊



We can help you to organize rooms for your stay. There are many other good options but these get our recommendations. 

A good option is to rent a flat through AirBnb. You can find nice modern flats for two or more people and located in the center for prices starting at 20€. Let us know if you need tips for a good location close to us/the center etc. 

Don't wait too much before booking as on the 27th there'll also be the Day of Kyiv and celebrations which may bring many people to the city.

Bontiak Hotel
For the city explorers

Irynynska St, 5/24, корпус "Б", Kiev, 01034

Very centered, near Maidan Square and most of the cultural and historical spots.

Price: 100€ / night


DreamHouse Hostel
A nice budget option

Andriivs'kyi descent, 2, Kyiv, Ukraine, 04070

A very friendly hostel located in the old beautiful part of the city with many nice restaurants around.

Price: 35€ / night (room for 2 ensuite)


Ukraina Hotel
The soviet experience!


Institutska Street 4, Kiev, 01901

Impossible to find more centered. You may have a view on Maidan square... and enjoy the concerts for the Day of Kyiv right from your window.
We give you some very comfy alternatives, but if you want to live the soviet style of hotel, try their cheapest rooms.

Price: 35-95€ / night

This is exactly the view you'll have from the window of your hotel!

Where to eat & go out while in Kyiv


Shoti (вул. Мечнікова, 9) Georgian, excellent price / quality, amazing modern architecture, super tasty, slightly upscale. Booking absolutely needed

Noodles vs marketing (Khrestovyi Ln, 8/9) Ramen, super nice chef, quick, small cosy space. Note: the chef will also be our cook for the wedding 🍴🍾

The Burger (Arena City, Velyka Vasylkivska St, 5) (nice offers: 150–199 UAH burger + unlimited Pepsi + fries + coleslaw) have other dishes than burgers

3b café (Khoryva St, 23 & Shota Rustaveli St, 22a), meat and grilled food. Good prices.

Lyubimyi Dyadya (Pankivska St, 20) very tasty meals with meat/grilled veggies, nice design. Better to book before. 

Veterano Pizza
(in Metrograd Bessarabs'ka Square) founded by a veteran of Donbas war, he hires other veterans to reintegrate them in society, nice atmosphere and great choices of pizzas. 

Il Molino pizza (many locations) chain of pizzerias, probably the best pizzas in Kyiv.

Gogi (Tolstoho St, 13) Georgian, nice architecture, slightly cheaper than Shoti.

Musafir (Saksahanskoho St, 57А) tatar food need to book in advance


Bars / Coffees

Kosatka (Velyka Zhytomyrska St, 25/2) modern atmosphere, concerts sometimes, nice food and drinks.

Parovoz (Velyka Vasylkivska St, 19) prohibition time themed cocktail bar in front of Lva Tolstoho metro station.

The Blue Cup coffee (5 Pushkinskaya Str) coffee with a nice atmosphere and nice cakes.

Wolkonsky (many places) the best bakery in Kyiv. Try the croissant with orange and almonds! 

Small talking (Lysenko St, 3) cute café with healthy snacks. 

Krapka koma litpub (Antonovycha St, 14) nice burgers and grilled dishes. Musicians often.

Turka (Gonchara St 32A) coffee-shop with delicious coffees and cakes.


Clubs / Music

Atlas (Sichovykh Striltsiv St, 37) very nice concerts.

Roof (Sichovykh Striltsiv St, 37 (next to Atlas) outdoor stage on the roof of a building only summer and spring

Closer (Nyzhnoiurkivska St, 31) One of the most famous alternative nightclubs in Kyiv. Jazz every Thursdays.

Kyiv Opera (Volodymyrska St, 50) Ballet and Opera house. Impressive architecture, great performances and absolutely affordable (tickets from 2€)

Kyiv South Shore ("Южный Берег Киева", Truhaniv Island, access from the Pedestrian bridge) beach club with a great view on the city. Concerts, bar, lots of places to chill.

Platforma art zavod (Bilomorska St., 1) cultural center built in an abandoned factory. Concerts, co-working spaces, festivals, exhibitions.

Shopping / Misc

Vsi Svoï (Всі. Свої Магазин, Khreschatyk St, 27) the best place to buy Ukrainian contemporary clothes and accessories. Prices are scandalously fair.

TSUM (Khreschatyk St, 38) Kyiv's central shopping mall on the main street. It reopened in Dec. 2016 and offers lots of cool fashion brands, international and Ukrainian.

Pinchuk Art Center (Velyka Vasylkivska St, 1) contemporary art center exhibiting some of the most famous and expensive artists.

Climb in Rodina Mat's arm (Museum of Great Patriotic War, Arsenalna metro) come early in the morning to be sure to have a place. 200 UAH / pers and the craziest view over Kyiv from the shield of the huge stainless steel statue.

Mejyhiria (better to go by taxi / car) the residence of former president Viktor Yanukovych now turned into a giant museum of corruption.


city Transport

Kyiv metro works well and is very affordable (4 UAH = 0.13€ / trip ). You can buy jetons at every metro station.

There are different taxi companies. The best way is to install on your phone the free app Uklon (iPhones / Android) which helps ordering the taxi and specifying from where to where. You can also indicate that the driver has to speak english. Prices are very low. Around 2-4€ for a ride in the center. Uber also works in Kyiv!


Currency UAH (Hryvnya): 1CHF = 26 UAH, 1€ = 29 UAH
Taxi from/to airport 250 - 350 UAH
Visa not needed for EU / US / CH. Check here for others.
Phone prefix +380
Local mobile N° Lifecell (sim + calls + 2GB internet) approx 3€
Electricity euro standard 220V sockets
Do I need to change money before coming? No, you can find ATM's (Visa, Master Card, Maestro) or exchange Euros & Dollars everywhere.

 View on Kyiv from Truhaniv Island, a leisure island in the Dnieper.

Is it dangerous?

Ukraine is a very peaceful and safe country except for the 4% of the territory occupied in the East (700km from Kyiv). So chances are that you'll even feel safer in Kyiv than in most European cities. 


Kyiv is the Ukrainian pronunciation. Kiev is the one that came from the soviet occupation. Think a bit of it like Pekin vs. Beijing or Bombay vs. Mumbai. 

By the way, people love when you know some ukrainian words. Here are some simple tips:
Dyakuyu / дякую : Thank you.
Dobroho dnya / доброго дня : Good afternoon.
Vibatchte ya ne rozumiyu / вибачте я не розумію : Excuse me, I don't understand.
Ya yidu na vessillya Nilssa ta Ani / Я їду на весілля Нільса та Ані : I'm going to Niels and Anna's wedding.


How could we not have one? If you post pictures of the events on social media, please use the hashtag #AnnaNiels2017 so we'll be able to find them back afterward. Mark Zuckerberg is also impatient to see them!


If you didn't fill the form Already.

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See you soon! :-)

Picture: © Yulia Gerasimova