OUr gift list

Right now, we have two big plans: going on our honeymoon to New Zealand. and then investing in our own flat.

By then we'll need to buy furnitures, decoration. 

  • Ironing board
  • Ikea Greenhouse
  • Nice plants for the flat not demanding too much sun + pots for them
  • 6 deep plates
  • Nice carpets for the bedroom
  • A nice lamp
  • Nice bed set (cream white)
  • Stuff for the bath
  • Juice maker
  • Funny spices?
  • Vouchers at Tommy Hilfiger shop (Geneva or Kyiv)
  • Dance courses in Kyiv
  • If you want to make us a surprise, please check with us before to make sure we don't have it already.

Note: We don't drink alcohol.

Help Us to go on Honeymoon to New Zealand

New Zealand seems fine, but it's a bit far. So we need your help to reach it. 

Help us to buy a flat

Flats are cool. Not as cool as houses of course, but at least you don't have to cut the grass. The problem is that it's expensive to buy, so we need your help to have one.

Help anna to buy a new iphone 8splus 

Look! It takes 3d pictures!!!